SpeakerBox Filter Designer

 SpeakerBox Filter Designer is a simple and useful software for calculate the first and second order passive audio filter for 2 way and 3 way speaker box .
Speaker Box Filter Designer audio filter calculator is a very simple program that provide a simple calculations of values for all components used in passive audio filters for speakers .
Also with this audio filter calculator software you can calculate the numbers of turns required by coils used in audio filters .

Speaker Impedance Calculator Given the power output of the amp, it will work out the total impedance that the amp "sees", and will work out the individual power within each speaker. It has pictures of the different configurations within the spreadsheet, so you can use these as a reference for wiring the speakers. Download: Speakers.xls

Tone Stack Calculator The Tone Stack calculator is designed to help you check out the design and response curves of a variety of tone stacks used in popular guitar amplifiers.
Tone Stack Calculator - Based on the excellent tone stack simulator,it adds real time operation, so you can see the control variations instantly. Download

AJ Vented Box Designer for designing vented or ported theoretical enclosures.
Installation volume of the box. Golden ratio of length, width, and depth using the Box Calculator function.
Resonance frequency of the box
Half power frequency
Length of vent(s)/port(s) for a given diameter / radius
Frequency decibel response graph
Powered decibel response graph  Download

AJ Sealed Box Designer  for designing sealed or closed theoretical enclosures speakers.Volume of the box/enclosure.Golden ratio of length, width and depth using the Box Calculator function. Resonance frequency of the box. Half power frequency(-3 dB point). Frequency - decibel response plot. Power - decibel response plot  Download
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